12 September 2010

Infrastructure Upgrade - The bridge is complete!

The near-drought conditions this summer were perfect for bridge building between two fields. Instead of digging around a muddy ditch, it was a relatively clean job. The new bridge means we'll have easy access to the back field in all conditions.

Our job started with digging trenches about 4-5 feet deep to accept the cement block foundations.


Eight pre-cast blocks, each 2'x2'x6', support the bridge I-beams. They sit on 6" of crushed rock.


Blocks in place and leveled.


Roughed in entrances completed awaiting additional crushed rock.


The three I-beams measuring 20' x 14" x 10" in place. These are rated to 60,000 pounds. That's a lot of grapes.


160 2x4x12s nailed on end form a very solid bridge deck - a technique commonly used for small town bridges. Crushed rock in place not graded.


Completed, awaiting a railing.